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In Person Therapy
In person therapy is provided in a comfortable and private office Located in Denver NC.  

Teletherapy is the process of providing therapy though Hippa complaint video conferencing platform. This allows for live, interactive communication as thought both the therapist and client were face to face in an office setting. Teletherapy allows for the client to participate in counseling sessions when they might otherwise be unable to make it to an office visit. This option works well for individuals who live a long distance from the office, who cannot take significant time off from work to travel to appointments, who have transportation issues, who struggle with leaving home, or who prefer to engage in counseling from the comfort of their own home. Teletherapy also allows us to reduce delays in care by scheduling appointments sooner and at more convenient or off-hour times compared to traditional appointments. Teletherapy also can improve follow-up and continuity of care. 

At Anchored Counseling and Wellness, providers use teletherapy to see clients across North Carolina. To use teletherapy, you must have a private location where your confidentiality will be protected, a device with a camera and a secure internet connection. Your therapist will email or text you a web link. At the time of your appointment, you will click the link and you will be able to see and hear your therapist on the video screen. 

Call us today to discuss the possibilities of receiving counseling using teletherapy. 
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