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Insurance and Fees


Anchored Counseling is currently in-network with and accepts:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Aetna

  • United HealthCare

 Important Insurance Terms:

Allowed Amount:The amount set by your insurance company that you or your insurance company would pay for outpatient counseling.

Co-Pay:The amount you owe at the time of service for outpatient counseling. Behavioral Health is typically a specialty service. You may have a co-pay amount listed on your insurance card. However, some plans do have a deductible for outpatient counseling services.


Deductible: If you have a deductible, you are responsible for the allowed amount. This will be the same price for outpatient counseling with any provider as the cost is set by your insurance company.


Co-Insurance: If you have no deductible or have met your deductible and have co-insurance, you pay for that percentage of the allowed amount. For example if the allowed amount it $60.00 and your coinsurance is 20% you would pay 20% of $60.00 which is $12.00.

What will I owe for counseling?

While we make every effort to ensure that we are in-network with your particular insurance plan, it is your responsibility to obtain any authorization needed for your specific plan. Every plan is different.

Many insurance plans today have a deductible amount which must be met prior to the insurance paying a portion of outpatient counseling. Please be sure to call your insurance carrier to inquire about your specific coverage. You may want to ask the following:

  • Are outpatient behavioral health services covered?  

  • Do I have a deductible, and if so, how much remains?

  • Once I meet my deductible, what is my coinsurance?

  • If I do not have a deductible or coinsurance, what is my copay?

  • Is there a visit limit?

  • Do I need to obtain authorization?

  • What is the allowed amount for the following CPT codes: 90791 (intake session), 90834 (45 minute session) 90837 (55 minute session), 90847 (family therapy)


 Private Pay Rates:

At Anchored Counseling and Wellness we believe everyone should be able to access treatment. For this reason, we have reasonable private pay rates.  

Individual 45-50 Min Session-                $100.00

Individual 50-60 Min Session-                $120.00

Family/Couples 45-50 Min Session-       $120.00

Clinical Supervision-                               $75.00

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